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One price for procedures,
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There is a lot more to a procedure or surgery than just meets the eye, which is why millions of people get stuck with out-of-pocket surprise charges because the center or the anesthesiologist are not in your network.

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Bundled Pricing for Procedures

Simplified “bundled” approach: All related aspects of a procedure
are negotiated into one price so you know exactly what you will
pay before agreeing to it.

Best Care Nationwide

Thousands of surgery and procedure centers nationwide: Options
to evaluate best quality doctors, including your preferred provider
for the best care with the most transparent price.

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As a LaaSy Health member, follow
these simple steps

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Create an appointment for the procedure.


Scheduling concierge contacts member within one business day to
discuss best options.


Agree to the particulars, like doctor, location, time, and price.


Member or the health plan pay via LaaSy Health to lock the


Details for procedure day will be provided. Focus on healing and not
worrying about bills.

Comprehensive care without the hassle

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Bundled Costs of common procedures


Avg total cost $1,350


Avg total cost $1,768

Ear Tubes

Avg total cost $1,975


Avg total cost $2,995

Hernia Repair

Avg total cost $4,560

Gallbladder Removal

Avg total cost $5,585

Torn Rotator Cuff

Avg total cost $9,693


Avg total cost $10,565

Knee Replacement

Avg total cost $17,990

Hip Replacement

Avg total cost $20,626

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