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Zion Helath

HealthSharing Reimbursement

Members of Zion HealthShare enjoy several reimbursable benefits. To ensure a smooth
reimbursement process, we encourage members to reach out to the Member Needs Team
with any questions or concerns prior to incurring expenses, except in emergency situations.

Routine Care Services


Annual Office Visit, one per year for each registered family member

Mammogram per recommendation of American Cancer Society

Colonoscopy, once every 10 years for age over 45

Well Child Visit with Immunizations

Large Medical Services

For uncommon but large medical needs, such as maternity care, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, or medical procedures, please follow the steps below. We recommend that members initiate a Sharing Request as early as possible to ensure timely reimbursement to healthcare providers, thereby reducing the likelihood of receiving bills and minimizing inconvenience

How does it work?

As a LaaSy Health member,
follow these simple steps:
Login to your Zion HealthShare portal. Check your email from Zion HealthShare, including all inboxes and spam folders for this email

Follow the simple steps to complete registration and submit your sharing request.


Call Zion HealthShare member support at 888-920-9466 with any questions.

***Note: Zion HealthShare is not an insurance company. Neither this publication nor membership in Zion HealthShare are offered by an insurance company. Visit to view your state specific notice.

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